how to make your hair thicker naturally

how to make your hair thicker naturally

It is normal to see people losing hair naturally. Some causes of hair loss include pollution, emotional stress, physical stress, hormonal imbalance, allergies, and nutritional deficiency. Hair is mostly regarded as an asset of an individual. This makes it necessary for people to look for ways in which hair thinning and balding problems can be encountered so as to be in a good position of bringing an improvement to the appearance of an individual. If you fall under the category of those people who are suffering from thin hair, there is no need for you to spend a lot of money on products and treatments that are expensive to buy. Natural hair treatments are not subject to side effects and their uses can easily be done even from their homes. The following are ways on how to make your hair thicker naturally.

One of the most common ingredients which can be used to make your hair thicker is aloe Vera. All that you will be required to do is to extract the gel from some aloe Vera leaves and then make some efforts of rubbing your scalp with the gel or even leave the gel on the scalp for around one hour before you rinse your hair with warm water. Another way in which you can make use of aloe Vera product is by mixing the gel with one or two eggs plus some brand. You are then supposed to put the mixture on the scalp for around twenty minutes before you shampoo the hair. You can make your hair thicker by applying this remedy for an approximation of one week. The other option of making use of aloe Vera product is by consuming one spoon of aloe Vera juice on a daily basis to an empty stomach in order to enjoy better hair growth.

Avocado is one of the products which can be used to get your hair thicker. In your application of avocado to your scalp, you should mix the avocado product with bananas before using the mixture to massage the scalp. This is done so as to ensure that the nutrients that are in the mixture are absorbed by the scalp. After applying this mixture, ensure that you wash your hair with shampoo before applying a conditioner. After you have done all these procedures, your hair will look dry and thicker than it was there before. Other products which can be used to make your hair thicker include orange juice, Indian gooseberry and Fenugreek seeds.

how to make your hair thicker naturally


red hair on dark skin

red hair on dark skin

How To Pick The Right Hair Color in Four Easy Steps

Tired of your natural hair color or just in the mood for something new? Dyeing your hair is the solution. However, not all hair colors look good on everyone, and the last thing you want is finding out what colors doesn’t suit you after having already dyed your entire hair. That’s why you should 

1. Determine Your Skin Color

The most important thing for determining which hair color suits you is determining your skin color. The best way to do this is by looking at the veins on the inside of your wrist. Are they greenish or more blue? If they have more green hues you have a warm tone, if they’re blueish you have a cool tone. If you can’t tell you’re neutral. You can also look at the skin behind your ear for the same test or see if gold or silver suits you better. If it’s silver you have a cool tone, if it’s gold a warm tone.


Warmer skin tones go better with dark and warm hair colors, cooler ones look best with more ashen, light colors. Neutral skin tones tend to go well with both, unless you’re extremely pale, then we would recommend staying away from dark colors. If you have really dark skin, bright and vibrant colors look especially amazing, such as red hair on dark skin.

2. Determine Your Eye Color Tones

Consider your eye color when dying your hair. Eye colors with yellow undertones like hazel, green and brown eyes tend to look better with warmer colors like honey blond, brown and auburn. Eye colors with blue undertones like blue and grey eyes look better with cooler colors like bright red, platinum and ashen brown.

3. Consider the Upkeep

Different hair colors come with different levels of upkeep.

● Going dark: If your natural hair color is light and you want to go much darker, your roots will start showing pretty quickly, meaning retaining the color requires quite some upkeep.

● Going light: The same goes for people who wish to go way lighter than their own hair color. Going much lighter is also more damaging for your hair on top of that, since it has to be bleached.

● Going red: Going red hair doesn’t often lead to roots showing (unless you were really blonde before) but red hair dye does fade quickly, meaning you have to redo the color every couple of months to keep the intensity of the red.

● Going bright: Going bright is a bold decision, one that usually requires bleaching the hair first which damages it, so be prepared to nourish it well after. And going bright always leads to roots showing quickly, unless you do an ombre or casual strands.

The hair colors that require the least upkeep are those that are closer to your own color, generally dark blonde and browns.

4. Use Pictures

Finally, learn from other people! Look at pictures of celebrities that look like you and see what hair colors they’ve had so far and which worked and which didn’t. Rihanna showed that red hair on dark skin looks amazing for example! There are also many websites and programs online that allow you to upload your picture and try out different hairstyles, that way you never have to deal with unpleasant hair surprises!

red hair on dark skin

change your hair colour online

change your hair colour online

Hair is one of the things many people treasure in their body. Good clean maintained hair can make anyone look amazing regardless of the color or size. One thing I have always believed is the fact that change of hair color can make can sometime turn someone from dust to gold and actually make them look as if they had been touched by Midas. Sometime back I used to ask myself how I would look if my hair was change color since it was way dark for my skin and that always made me fill as if my hair was covering or taking away my beauty have always had this habit of being attached to bright colors and I decided that I would try a bright color on my hair, something like red or blond. The biggest problem is that I had no guts or the courage to change my hair since I never thought anyone would do it as perfect as I wanted it. So that is when I decided to go online and try to find the best ways to change hair color online.

When I went online it was amazing how girls and guys looked with colors on their heads and that’s the moment I decided to take the step and dye my hair too. However the length of the hair my sometime not match with some certain colors. Therefore many people usually trim or cute their hair short then color the hair and trust me that’s a look you will never resist at any time. However when it comes to getting your hair colored it is always important to look for original colors and dyes. Not many cases have been reported on this but it is believed that fake hair color can sometimes cause damage to your hair or even bring infections on your head at some point, so it is always advisable to take precaution on this and make sure you get the hair color from a registered vendor or distributor.

Getting your hair colored is one of the most common things now even celebrities do it and that is one reason which makes if cool since people want to look like their favorite icons. It is also boring at times having the same hair color everyday okay it might be cheap and non-economical but a change in hair color is sometime the best way to let the beauty inside you show to the world. When it comes to putting color on your hair there are a thousand different types of colors that you can put and they will all look amazing as long as the color compliments your skin. There are a million ideas on how to color your hair online and you would be amazed if you gave them a try. One of the best thing I like about getting your hair colored is that you can either color it yourself which is cheap and economical or you can go to a beautician to get the color done.

how to grow nails faster

how to grow nails faster

The Comprehensive Details Of How To Grow Nials Faster

how to grow nails faster

how to grow nails faster

From research and feasibility study, nails are important to some women and girls in their appearance. Basically, nails are a method of style and design. It is clear that some people will want to increase the way their nails grow. On this note, they will want their nails to grow faster as required. This practically will help them change their nails often through experiment. Provided you are increasing nail growth, it will definitely change your daily life appearance. Are you looking for ways to increase your nails growth? Do you want to learn about increasing your nails growth speedily? Reading through the rest part of this article will help on how to grow nails faster as required.

how to grow nails faster

One of the first approach is by increasing the blood flow that gets into your fingers. This is practically by doing daily activities that push blood into your fingers. This can be found in the likes of filing, pressing piano, typing just to mention a few.

Secondly, you will have to increase the protein in your diet. Eating lean meat, milk or drinking protein shakes can help increase the protein in your diet. Taking vitamin D supplement on a daily basis can also increase the protein content in your body. On this note, the protein will be found adequately in your body for faster nails growth.

Thirdly, try living in a warm climate. Wearing gloves can help to warm your fingers effectively. For this reason, blood will constantly flow in your hand making the growth of nails to effectively function. People using this idea will always find their nails growing at a faster rate than before. Blood is a great factor to know in the growth of your nails. Always carry out exercise that can enhance the speedy growth of your nails through constant blood flow.

Fourthly, on a weekly basis, ensure to apply nutrient-filled polish or nail toughener. Though, there are techniques that can help the process effectively. Applying nightly is a better idea that can help your nails grow quicker and faster. If you are not sure of the whole idea, ensure to contact an expert in the named niche. You will be able to get quality result that glow with longevity. Pedicure and manicure experts are always at your disposal to help. You will get a better cure to the increase of your nails as required.

In case you are filing in one direction, your nails will also grow faster through this technique. You will discover that your nails will never grow weak or break. Using the explained method of this article will help on how to grow nails faster. Normally, the process may take sometime, but applying this idea will make your nails grow faster and quicker effectively. All you need to know is using a constant application technique. You will discover that after sometime, your nails will begin to grow as needed. Give it a try to see how the process works. You will be happy with the result. It is important to know that helping others to grow their nails can fetch some money. It can also be counted as an idea to make money quicker and effectively.

how to grow nails faster

How to determine your skin tone

How to determine your skin tone

A skin tone is the color of a person skins,skin color differ from one person to another,although those people whom ethic group is the same may have the same skin tone.A skin tone is always determined by the size and number of your blood vessels that are closer to your skin and also the type of your skin melanin.

How to determine your skin tone.
Your skin tone can be determined by doing some tests on skin.Before doing the various skin tests you need to have your skin as natural as possible with no impurities and make-up.
The can determine your skin tone by using the natural way,can be done by standing in the light,making a vein and examine the color of your vein.If you get a blue vein then your color tone is cool tone,and if you get a green vein then your color tone is a warm tone,and when you have a mixture of blue and green then your color tone is neutral.
The other way of how you can determine your skin can be done by taking a gold and silver test.This is usually done by taking a silver and gold fabric and standing in front of a mirror and making sure there natural light.Hold the silver fabric on your face and if it makes your face light up then your color tone is cool.Then take your gold fabric on your face and if you look alive and fresh,you are skin tone is warm.
The other way of how to determine your skin is to take a genetic test,this can be done using your hair,your eye color or your skin color.The brighter your face and eyes becomes the warm face you have and the more alive your face and eyes look your color tone is more likely to be warm.
Knowing your skin tone can make you know the kind of makeup and also the the kind of color of dress you can buy.Determine your skin tone helps you to understand the type and color or make-up foundation and also hair styles that can fit you better.It also helps you to understand whether to use a sunscreen or not.You can determine your skin tone and learn all about how to take care of your skin and keep glowing and younger.

How To Determine Your Skin Tone

Knowing how to determine your skin tone is very important especially when choosing cosmetics and garments. Due to lack of this information, many people have had to suffer negative effects of beauty cosmetics. In addition, choosing the best color of outfits becomes difficult for people who don’t know their skin tones. Therefore, it is very important that you master some of the basic tips that can help you understand your skin tone.

There are three categories if skin tones that you may belong. These are neutral, cool, and warm. With this in mind, the following tips will really help you in determining your skin tone.

Vein test

Amazingly, you do not have to seek professional assistance to know the tone of your skin. Vein test is the most simplest and inexpensive method of knowing your skin tone, as it only requires your veins and the natural sunlight. With this method, you only have to expose your wrist in the natural sunlight and observe the color of the blood in your veins. Greenish appearance indicates the presence of yellow undertones in your blood, which means that your skin tone is warm. On the other hand, bluish appearance indicates that your skin tone is cool.

Pony-tail test

This is another simplest method of understanding the tone of your skin. With this method, you have to pull your hair backwards in a ponytail manner with a headband. After this, wash and cleanse your face thoroughly. Place a white cloth or a towel around your shoulders and neck. If your facial skin looks yellowish, it would mean that you have a warm skin tone. Otherwise, if more of blue, this would mean that your skin tone is cool.

Silver or gold test

People with warm skin tones will look better in gold than they do in silver colors. Therefore, if you look better in silver than you do in gold, this would mean that your skin tone is cool. To perform, this test, hold a wristwatch with of gold or silver fabric under your chin and observe, which of the two fabrics makes you look healthier and beautiful. Then use the criteria above to determine your skin tone.

Natural color of the hair and the eye

By just observing the color of your hair and eyes, you can understand the tone of your skin. Normally, individuals with green, grey, or blue eyes with blond, brown, or black hair, have cool skin tones. In addition, people with cool skin tones have rosy or pink undertones. On the other hand, people with black, hazel, or brown eyes and have strawberry blond, red, blond, or brown hair have warm skin tones. However, such people have apricot or golden undertones.

If after performing all the above tests you still can’t determine your skin tone, then you are most likely to have a neutral skin tone. People with this type of skin tone can wear any color and look awesome. However, it is important to know that people with neutral skin tones are likely to lean towards either cool or warm skin tones.

How to determine your skin tone

pregnancy and hair dye

pregnancy and hair dye

A common myth about pregnancy and hair dye and the truth
Once a woman gets the confirmation that she is expecting a child; she changes her way of life. The first impulse that comes to her mind is to do all she can to make sure that her baby is protected. As a result, she starts asking as many questions as she can, concerning her actions and habits. One of the most discussed topics among pregnant women is that of pregnancy and hair dye. Even with being pregnant, there is still the need to remain beautiful while protecting the baby. There are many myths that circulate around this topic and this article will explain one of them and state the truth of the matter.

pregnancy and hair dye

Amounts of dye are absorbed through the scalp affecting the baby’s health

One of the popular myths that circulate around this topic is that once the dye has been applied, the body absorbs it through the scalp and the amount absorbed is substantial enough to cause the growth of certain childhood tumors. In as much as research has shown that the scalp actually does absorb some amount of dye, it is never substantial enough to cause any health effects to the growing baby. Pregnant ladies fear this so much that a majority of them who normally dye their hair normally opt not to apply the dye in the first trimester of their pregnancy.

The reason why avoiding the dye during the first trimester is advocated for by most pregnant women is that they reason that this is the time when the baby’s organs are forming and developing. Therefore, applying the dye only for it to find its way to the baby’s organs seems big enough a risk to them. During this trimester, it is not hard to find that pregnant women opt to go chemical free as far as their hair style is concerned.

The little research that has been done to better understand pregnancy and hair dye does not give any conclusive evidence as to whether there is any effect. However, it is clear to all that it is beneficial to a pregnant woman to be happy about her appearance as this has a positive effect to the growing baby.

pregnancy and hair dye

What is the way forward?

Even after reading all the above, there is the need to make a decision as to whether one will apply hair dye while pregnant. To say the truth, this is a personal choice and it should not be the cause for any unrest as stress will most definitely affect the growing baby. In the event that one decides to dye their hair, the precautions below should be taken:

ü All the directions of applying the dye should be followed

ü Read any warning information on the product before application

ü Apply the dye while in a room that is well ventilated

ü Make sure that the dye is washed off after the recommended time

ü Rinse the hair with clean water after washing off the dye

Following the above precautions will help avoid any pregnancy and hair dye harm that one might be worried about.

pregnancy and hair dye

best way to wash your face

The best way to wash your face

It is clear that paying attention to your skin matter a lot. In fact, it will help you on how to use the best product that cares for a long time. The idea of understanding your skin is a great knowledge that glow with longevity. Ensure to know if your skin is oily, dry, normal or a combination. Presently, there are dozens of experiments on the best way to wash face. Though, there are a lot of ways that can work best for anyone in need. Exfoliating with a scrub or washing daily with a gentle cleanser are ways that can help you greatly.

best way to wash your face

Reasons For Washing Your Face:

With the idea of washing your face, dirts, oils and makeup are dissolved quickly from the environment. In fact, particles found on your face will fade away easily as required. Remember that constant washing of the face will lead to removing dead skin and unclogging pores. If you always want to make your skin clean, washing once daily can help effectively. You will also unclog and remove the stay of acne while washing your face once on a daily basis. Do you know that helping other people to understand the idea of washing the face can fetch money? You can create a service for people in need of washing their faces. Helping other people to remove black acne on their face can fetch some valuable fund for you. Give it a try to see how it works. Washing of the face will help you know the best cleanser in vogue. On this note you will have to get a cleanser that works with your skin type. It is clear that darker skins are usually oily and dry than lighter options. For this reason, it is better to use face washing products that correspond to your skin type. You will be able to enjoy the entire process.

Washing Your Face:

Using an antibacterial soap to wash your hand is a better idea prior to cleaning the face. This will help remove germs and grease that the face does not want. Ensure to remove any makeup found on your face. Go ahead to use a warm water in the process of washing your face. During this process, it is better to lightly splash the water on your face. On the tips of your fingers, ensure to apply a dime-size dollop of cleanser. With your fingertips, start massaging the cleanser on your face. Try to rob on a small circle motion starting at the forehead. Ensure to walk your way down to the cheek and nose region. Do not forget the jawline, chin, and neck, focusing on each area for about 30 seconds. This process will work effectively because you are stimulating your circulation around the face region. For this reason, you are sure to get quality result. Unleashing this type of idea will help make some fund. For people who do not have the idea, your skill can help bring some business ideas. It also proves the best way to wash face effectively.

 best way to wash your face

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