Dark Auburn Hair Color

Dark Auburn Hair Color

The Best Skin Tones For Dark Auburn Hair Colors


At the highest echelons of the colorist and stylist world, there is an understanding that to make their clients as happy as possible they must provide certain standards. They are expected to deliver luscious, beautiful hair – something that really stands out. Whether the client has asked for a simple lighten of their current hair color, or want to go for something radical – the results must be perfect from root to end.Dark Auburn Hair Color

One of the most important parts of deciding the best way to pull off this look is to look at the skin tone for each client. A good colorist will be able to immediately tell if the color you are asking for is going to clash or compliment your skin tone. If you are looking to go for a new hair color, particularly something as striking as a dark auburn hair color, then you want to ensure you have been for a thorough consultation.

Will it match your skin tone? Although an auburn hair color can be very complimentary to most skin tones, you still need to be careful. The shade that you choose will play a big role in how well it looks. However, dark auburn colors like mahogany are usually pretty flattering no matter who chooses to use it.

One of the first things you should be doing is asking your colorist what their opinion is on the best color for your hair. If you have a darker complexion, then a really dark auburn hair color can really stand out and complement you. At the same time, a fair complexion can look really good with a chestnut hue.

To determine what is going to suit your skin tone best, we recommend finding photos of hair colors that you like online. Try and find people with a similar skin tone to you, as this will help you identify what colors are going to look the best.

Once you have the right color, make sure you are picking up shampoo and conditioner that is going to protect and strengthen your hair – the many different brands means doing a little bit of shopping around. Your stylist may have salon editions they can offer you, but you can usually find an equally competent equivalent for much cheaper online or in drug stores.

Although it is a very versatile color, getting the right shade of dark auburn colors can be the difference between looking good and looking stunning. Choosing the right shade will also play a big part in your confidence – if you think that you have chosen too light or too dark a shade of dark auburn hair color, then you are going to think others will have the same opinion. Therefore, it’s important that you find a shade that not only suits you, but sits right with you as well.


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