how to remove hair dye from hair



Before attempting to remove any hair color or dye it’s important to consider the reasons behind this action. The questions to ask yourself are what exactly you want to achieve out of it. You might decide to remove a dye in order to do away with some tones that you are not happy about or you simply intend to remove some dye in order to put on a dye that perfectly blends with your natural hair color. Whatever reason that drives you to take this action it’s of the essence that you select a technique that perfectly suits or works for you.

This article explores some of the methods that you can employ for removing a dye from your hair. It’s important to note that some of these methods cause varying damage to your hair and in addition vary in effectiveness. Therefore before embarking on any technique commence with a method that is of least damage to your hair, its effectiveness and hair sensitivity.

How to remove hair dye from hair

how to remove hair dye from hair

how to remove hair dye from hair


It’s one of the most powerful methods of removing hair dye but it should be a last resort when other methods have not given the satisfaction you require. This is because this method is very damaging to your hair. The damage risk ranges from moderate to high.

It’s very effective in removing dye from natural hair and semi permanent dyes. Therefore in order to control the process of lightening your hair the volume of peroxide is kept to a minimum in the bleach mix. Also ensure that you do not leave bleaches on your hair for long because this will aggravate the extent of hair damage.

Vitamin c treatment

This is most effective on semi-permanent dyes and is used for removal of 1-2 tone levels. It’s interesting to note that this does not affect natural hair color.

Vitamin C powder is mix with a large amount of shampoo and gently applied through the hair ensuring that no part is left out. The hair is the covered for about 20 minutes and checking it over an interval of every 5-10 minutes. The final step is to rinse the hair and then apply a conditioner.

The risk of damage to hair is mild.

Color remover

It’s divided into strippers and removers. The strippers work similar to the bleaches whereas the removers are used in removing permanent hair dyes with very minimal damage it. It’s used 2-3 times in order to remove permanent hair dyes.

Anti-Dandruff shampoo

This is applicable in removing undesirable tones and tints from blonde hairs.

This method has no damage on hair although you should apply a conditioner on using the method.

Bleach bath

It’s used in the removal of staining from the hair as well as lifting 1-2 levels before embarking on re-coloring of your hair. Simply mix bleach powder and peroxide in the ratio of 1:1 and then add similar amount to shampoo and then apply to the hair. Wait for about 30 minutes and check for an interval of every 5 minutes. The risk of damage to hair is moderate.

Swimming and sun exposure

Swimming in a chlorinated pool enhances the fading of semi permanent colors whilst a repeated process with cause permanent color to fade as well. The risk of damage is mild.

Exposure to sun fades unnatural colors since they are not photo-stable. It works best on vegetable based colors. It has a mild damage risk to hair.


There are many other methods of hair dye removable besides the ones above. However what is important is to identify the method that best works for you and has a mild risk of damage to your hair.

how to remove hair dye from hair

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